Thanksgiving Fun Facts

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Here are a 7 Thanksgiving facts to get the conversation flowing during the dinner this week: 

  •  The first Thanksgiving was a three day celebration of a great harvest held in November 1621. Governor William Bradford invited the Plymouth colonists' Native American allies to join the celebration.
  • Most likely Turkey and other traditional foods of today were not served, but the feast did include lobster, seal, and swan (Good House Keeping). 
  • According to World Strides the average person consumes 4,500 calories on Thanksgiving Day.
  • The Macy's Parade first debuted in 1924 as a Christmas parade. In 1928 Macy’s released five of the helium balloon animals into the sky which were expected to stay afloat for up to 10 days. Whoever returned the balloons would receive a $100 reward. For more Macy's Parade fun facts head over to Mental Floss.
  • The heaviest turkey named 'Tyson' weighed 86 pounds and won the Peterborough, United Kingdom "Heaviest Turkey" contest in 1989 according to Guinness World Records. The giant bird was auctioned for charity for a record £4,400, or $6,692.

  • The record was set for the largest pumpkin pie in September 2010. The pie weighed 3,699 pounds and was made for Pumpkinfest in New Bremen, Ohio. Head over to Inside Edition for more record breaking Thanksgiving fun. 

  • Turkey still frozen an hour before the guests arrive? Just contact Butterball. They answer more than 100,000 turkey-cooking questions via their Butterball Turkey Hotline each November and December (World Strides).
Warm Thanksgiving wishes from our family to yours! OXOX
-Lemon + Lucy



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